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My name is Daniel, and I am private guide and driver in Kyrgyzstan. If you lack a fairy tale in life, come to Kyrgyzstan! Kyrgyzstan is a country for non-standard people. This is a country for those who need constantly move forward, learn something new, fresh and always choose the best - in beauty, in emotions, in life. Kyrgyzstan is a country where it is considered that a guest is a gift from God. And it means that in Kyrgyzstan you will not feel like tourists, but will become my welcome guests and friends. Kyrgyzstan is a country of contrasts, in which there are mountains, lakes, beaches and beautiful untouched nature. Come and see for yourself. I offer the services of a guide, driver with a car Mitsubishi Pajero. I can help in organizing of tours. Prices and other details you can get calling to my phone or by sending an e-mail or by WhatsApp.

Tel: +996 550 50 59 77, WhatsApp: +996 550 50 59 77, [email protected]
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